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FOR TUNE 0137 (Barcode: 5906395808496) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Pop Fusion

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2018

This is the second album by Polish vocalist / flautist / songwriter Olga BoczarFind albums by this artist, recorded with the same quartet of Polish Jazz musicians who accompanied her on her debut album: pianist Jan SmoczynskiFind albums by this artist, guitarist Andrzej GondekFind albums by this artist, bassist Wojciech PulcynFind albums by this artist and drummer Pawel DobrowolskiFind albums by this artist. The album presents eight songs, four of which are Polish Folk songs and the other four are original compositions by Boczar, three of which feature her lyrics (one of them in English) and one is based on a poem by Polish poet Boleslaw LesmianFind albums by this artist.

Both the Folk songs and the original compositions get a Jazzy arrangement (which remains uncredited), but are not really transformed into the Jazz idiom, remaining mostly somewhere between Pop and Folk music after all.

Boczar sings both lyrics and vocalese, holding her ground skillfully and even gracefully at times, but her vocal parts are somewhat low in the mix being often overshadowed by the instrumental accompaniment. Her flute parts are only marginally featured here. All four Jazz musicians that participate in the recording are of course highly professional, but the music leaves little ground for them to show their skills except for occasional solos.

Overall this is a pleasant album, easy on the ear and well put together, mostly for listeners who prefer to be entertained rather than challenged, but one that can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of music lovers.
Updated: 19/02/2019Posted: 19/02/2019CD 1 Recommend To A Friend

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