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MUZA 1295 (Barcode: 5907783422959) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Classical Fusion

Recorded: 1971 Released: 2010

This is a reissue of the third album by Polish Jazz vocal quartet NOVIFind albums by this artist, led by vocalist / composer Bernard KawkaFind albums by this artist and including vocalist Ewa WanatFind albums by this artist, Janusz MychFind albums by this artist and Waldemar ParzynskiFind albums by this artist. The album, originally entitled "NOVI Sing ChopinFind albums with this title", presents eleven compositions by the Polish National composer Frederic ChopinFind albums by this artist, arranged for the vocal quartet singing a cappella.

Obviously following in the footsteps of The Swingle SingersFind albums by this artist, who recorded arrangements of music by Johann Sebastian BachFind albums by this artist and other Classical composers, NOVI undertook this difficult and very ambitious project to sing Chopin´s music in a similar Swing fashion and against all odds succeeded beyond all expectations. This recording immediately achieved a status of a cult album, and although not really a Jazz album per se, was warmly embraced by the Jazz community as part of its milieu.

In many aspects the album symbolizes the Polish Culture, as it embodies the idea of Polish Music, which became a part of Polish Cultural Heritage, transforming in time and staying contemporary regardless the changing frame of reference, in this case the Jazz idiom.

The vocal performances on this album are absolutely brilliant and remain unmatched by any other vocal group since attempting to tackle Chopin´s compositions, not only on the Polish scene, but globally.

This reissue is well remastered from the original studio tapes and presents a wonderful sonic quality, especially in view of the challenging task of recording human voices. It does not correct, unfortunately, the lack of information that has been associated with this album since day one as to the arrangement credits and the name of the bass player who accompanies the vocal quartet (i.e. the album is not strictly an a cappella recording as the vocals are accompanied by a bass player on eight tracks).

This is a timeless classic of course and an absolute must have for any Polish music fan, Jazz or otherwise!

Side Note: After some intensive investigations I do have now all the missing discographical information, which is mentioned above. The bass player that accompanies NOVI is Pawel JarzebskiFind albums by this artist. As to the vocal arrangements, eight are by Parzynski, two by Mych and one by Kawka. Of course I am not disclosing my sources ;)
Updated: 12/01/2017Posted: 07/01/2017CD 1 Remastered Recommend To A Friend

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