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SONY 887654098221 (Barcode: 887654098221) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Rock-World Fusion

Recorded: 2010 Released: 2012

This is the second album by the Polish ensemble YesheFind albums by this artist, led by the legendary trumpeter / composer Antoni GralakFind albums by this artist, who was a member of such groundbreaking Polish ensembles as Free CooperationFind albums by this artist, Young PowerFind albums by this artist and Tie BreakFind albums by this artist and participated in countless other projects over the years, including leading his ensembles like GraalFind albums by this artist and Yeshe. This incarnation of Yeshe includes also guitarist Piotr PawlakFind albums by this artist and keyboardist Darek MakarukFind albums by this artist who is in charge of a plethora of electronic effects and sampling. The music, all original by Gralak, was recorded live and is dedicated to the Polish pioneering visual Artist Andrzej UrbanowiczFind albums by this artist.

Stylistically the music presents a wide spectrum of contemporary musical trends and incorporates such diverse influences as Avant-Garde Jazz, electronic music, Techno, Industrial and World Music. The amalgamated result is a completely original and unique blend, which is fascinating and electrifying from start to finish.

The basic formula presents Gralak improvising on top of an ambient / sampled background, which changes from track to track both rhythmically and conceptually. A trained listener will hear many citations form Indian and other Far Eastern Cultures, as well as samples of exotic instruments like sitar, tabla and a plethora of others.

Gralak´s trumpet work is nothing short of brilliant and brings immediately memories of his Free Cooperation cohort Andrzej PrzybielskiFind albums by this artist, who is sadly no longer with us. Throughout the entire duration of this album Gralak improvises almost without a break, in a truly phenomenal form.

This album is not only a rare musical gem, but also a wonderful example of completely boundless music, which crosses cultural, stylistic and time borders effortlessly and elegantly. It definitely deserves a much wider recognition that it actually has today. Brilliant stuff!
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