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Recorded: 2002 Released: 2003

This is the debut album as a leader by Polish Jazz bassist / composer Piotr LemanczykFind albums by this artist. It was recorded by several different lineups, mostly quartets, with the following participants: saxophonists Janusz MuniakFind albums by this artist, Przemek DyakowskiFind albums by this artist, Wojciech StaroniewiczFind albums by this artist, Maciej SikalaFind albums by this artist and Dariusz HerbaszFind albums by this artist, guitarist Maciej GrzywaczFind albums by this artist, vibraphonist Dominik BukowskiFind albums by this artist and drummer Tomasz SowinskiFind albums by this artist. Of the seven tracks on the album, six are original compositions by Lemanczyk and one is a standard.

The music is kept well within the modern Jazz mainstream, but the excellent compositions and performances create a superb piece of Jazz music, which should satisfy every sensitive listener. The use of the vibraphone instead of the usual piano gives the entire recording a "cool" ambience, which suits the music perfectly. The leader gets several solo spots, which emphasize his beautiful tone and sensitivity, rather than needless pyrotechnics.

As usual with Polish Jazz albums, the music is the center of the attention, in spite of the truly excellent playing, which is beyond reproach from start to finish. The melodic content and the rhythmic structures are simply incredible and a source of real joy.

Overall this album is a perfect example of what mainstream Jazz is all about and should be greatly enjoyed by any Jazz connoisseur anywhere in the world. Highly recommended!
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