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SLOWMUSIC 04 ~ POLAND ~ Smooth Jazz

Recorded: 2023 Released: 2024

This is the 4th album (1st live) by Polish Jazz ensemble SlowFind albums by this artist (now Slow The BandFind albums by this artist), which comprises of guitarist Tomasz KaczmarczykFind albums by this artist, saxophonist Leszek SzczerbaFind albums by this artist, keyboardist Krzysztof WerminskiFind albums by this artist, bassist Tomasz GrabowyFind albums by this artist, percussionist Slawomir BernyFind albums by this artist and drummer Lukasz SobolakFind albums by this artist. The album presents eleven tracks, eight of which are co-composed by Kaczmarczyk and Werminski and three are composed by Kaczmarczyk. The live recording offers excellent sound quality and a robust funky vibe.

The music continues the same attitude the ensemble assumed from its very early stage, which is playing highly melodic, solidly composed, almost danceable and entertaining music, which does not pretend to be anything beyond whats out there: a high quality entertainment, without compromising artistic values and avoiding pretentious assumptions. These are all excellent, professional and dedicated musicians, who want to bring to the audience some fun, relaxed music, which is a true pleasure to listen to.

All three soloists offer first-rate soloing, and the guitar parts are certainly as good as those produced by some of the most famous international names. The rhythm section is also absolutely perfect for the job and Berny shows his amazing percussion technique, which is always breathtaking.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of Jazz music from the easier side of the spectrum, which is surely accessible to a wide audience, and which is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy some great tunes without too much brain-hacking. Perhaps some Jazz snobs will, as usual, turn their long noses, but its them who are missing all the fun. In these depressing time, this is a true ray of sunshine!
Updated: 22/06/2024Posted: 22/06/2024CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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