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SECOND 0013 (Barcode: 9003829988703) ~ CZECH REPUBLIC ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2023 Released: 2023

This is the third album by Czech pianist / composer Kristina BartaFind albums by this artist, recorded in a classic quartet setting with Slovenian saxophonist Jure PuklFind albums by this artist and Czech bassist Peter KormanFind albums by this artist and drummer Marek UrbanekFind albums by this artist. The album presents nine tracks, all of which are original compositions by Barta.

The music is an excellent example of modern European Jazz, which takes the Jazz tradition a step further into exploration, rather than repeat well established paths. Although Barta is an accomplished pianist, her true forte are the fascinating compositions, which offer a seemingly sketchy construct, with uneven rhythmic patterns, but which keep the listener on edge and feature a magnetic melodic element underneath. As a result, the compositions allow a high degree of freedom in every aspect, both harmonically and rhythmically, which are perfect vehicles for the quartet members to show their respective talents.

Pukl is obviously the most experienced and best equipped soloist, able to build perfect saxophone sequences time after time. But the younger players get the job done as well as one would expect, despite the obvious challenge the complex musical structures demand. Personally I second the excellent bass parts by Korman, which hold the music together remarkably well. Of course all these players are simply brilliant.

Its great to see that the Czech Jazz scene is blessed with so many talented female players / composers / bandleaders, which seems to be statistically a higher number than the rest of Europe. Well done Ladies!

Overall, this is a truly excellent album, which exemplifies the level of contemporary Czech Jazz, which follows the achievements of previous generations with pride and dedication. Full of great music and passionate performances, this music is simply a delight from start to finish, making European Jazz proud.
Updated: 18/03/2024Posted: 18/03/2024CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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