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Recorded: 1999 - 2022 Released: 2023

This is an album by Israeli (Resident in US) Jazz pianist / composer Alon NechushtanFind albums by this artist, which presents this time his contemporary Classical Music compositions. The 2CD album includes ten compositions, all part of a Concerto for Orchestra, or ten-piece suite, which were recorded over a period of two decades by seven different orchestras / ensembles in various parts of the world.

Listeners familiar with Nechushtan’s Jazz output might be perhaps surprised by this venture into the Classical Music idiom, but the fact that he pursued this highly ambitious project for so long testifies how important this music is to him, and the result is definitely worthy of being heard and enjoyed.

Nechushtan employs the entire modern (well 20th Century) Classical Orchestral Music arsenal of sonorities and structures, which has solid melodic continuity, but eschews all Romantic / Sentimental ventures in favor of rather somber atmospheric themes and multi-layered instrumental configurations, yet skillfully manages not to sound bombastic.

As a result, the listener in engrossed by a dense, but low key flow of themes, which continue from one part of the suite into the next, creating an enchanting journey, which sounds at times like a soundtracks of an imaginary movie, or theatre performance.

This is definitely a kind of music, which demands concentration and undivided attention, a pre-requisite not easily available these days. But for the right audience, this music should be definitely fascinating and highly rewarding, although might perhaps need several listening sessions in order to be fully appreciated. For Nechushtan this is certainly a confirmation of his maturity as a composer and a cross-genre aficionado.

Overall, this is a major piece of contemporary Orchestral Classical Music, rich and complex, full of wonderful compositional skills and highly imaginative mind behind it. As such, I can only recommend it wholeheartedly, hoping that many music lovers will discover this music and learn to love it, as I did.
Updated: 22/09/2023Posted: 22/09/2023CD 2 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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