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NEMU 028 (Barcode: 4041806052721) ~ GERMANY ~ Free Jazz / Improvised Music

Recorded: 2021 Released: 2022

This is an album by a trio comprising of German saxophonist Frank Paul SchubertFind albums by this artist, Japanese (resident in Berlin) guitarist Kazuhisa UchihashiFind albums by this artist and German drummer Klaus KugelFind albums by this artist. The album presents seven lengthy pieces of Improvised Music, credited to all three members of the trio.

As usual in Improvised Music, the essence of the music is highly dependent on the level of communication between the musicians, which is more important than their individual abilities and statements. In this case we are talking about three highly experiences improvisers, all with impressive portfolio of recordings to their credit, which is immediately apparent when the music starts to develop.

The music offers an interesting balance between more Jazz infused tendencies, represented by the saxophone, and strong Rock influenced performances by the guitar, with the drums supporting both directions simultaneously. At all times the music stays within clear boundaries of non-aggressiveness and mutual respect, which makes all individual contributions perfectly audible. The resulting music often tends to be quite Ambient oriented, which is quite unexpected.

The usual, the question concerning Improvising Music, which ponders if the music manages to remain interesting and valuable beyond the moment of its creation, is relevant here as well, and the answer is truly individual as far as the listeners are concerned. Personally I enjoyed this gathering of talents and their communal output, but I might understand people who would be completely lost between these sounds.

Overall, this a meeting of highly skilled and talented Free Jazz / Improvised Music activists and their work together is impressive and coherent in the ears of listeners skilled in that idiom. Highly recommended to the followers of that particular manifestation of sound manipulation.
Updated: 08/03/2023Posted: 08/03/2023CD 1 Mini-Sleeve Recommend To A Friend

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