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ATS 0970 (Barcode: 9005216009701) ~ AUSTRIA ~ Big Band Jazz

Recorded: 2020 Released: 2021

This is an album by Austrian trumpeter / composer Manfred Paul WeinbergerFind albums by this artist and his nonet, which comprises of members of the Upper Austrian Jazz OrchestraFind albums by this artist, including saxophonist Christian MaurerFind albums by this artist and pianist Helmar HillFind albums by this artist among others. As the title suggests, the album is a tribute to the Canadian born British trumpeter / composer Kenny WheelerFind albums by this artist, who cooperated with the UAJO and recorded the splendid “Plays The Music Of Kenny WheelerFind albums with this title” album with the orchestra in 1995. The album presents nine original compositions, eight by Weinberger and one by Hill. The liner notes by another UAJO collaborator, British composer / arranger Michael GibbsFind albums by this artist, sum the essence of this project astutely.

The nonet sounds much like a condensed version of the UAJO and offers all of its advantages: brilliant ensemble performances, excellent soloing and above all great compositions, which, as Gibbs says, would surely please Wheeler as well.

The modern European Jazz approach, which uses the wonderful palette of a bigger ensemble to the max is the chief asset of this music, which enables it to sound fresh and innovative. For experienced listeners there are plenty of hidden typical quotations and hints to Wheeler’s way of doing things as well as Jazz tradition of course, but also European Classical treasures, one openly stated (Edvard GriegFind albums by this artist) and others subtly hidden in the shadows.

Weinberger’s compositions offer a wide scope of approaches, both melodically and harmonically, with various degrees of proximity to the Jazz tradition, which of course also characterized Wheeler’s splendid output over the years. There is of course no shame in admitting the great Master’s influence, which Weinberger emphasizes in his short essay included in the album’s booklet.

Overall, this is an excellent European Jazz album, which although recorded by "only” a nonet, firmly resides in the Jazz Big Band idiom and which does that wonderful genre a credit. Full of great music and brilliant performances, this album is a true pleasure to listen to, and more importantly also to find many original approaches, which large Jazz ensembles have to offer. Warmly recommended!
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