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NOT ON LABEL (Barcode: 195448402834) ~ UK ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 2020 Released: 2020

This is the second album by British Fusion quintet Groove RazorsFind albums by this artist, founded in 2009 by Polish (resident in London) keyboardist / composer Tomasz ZyrmontFind albums by this artist and drummer Laurie LoweFind albums by this artist. The other members of the quintet are saxophonist / flautist Alan ShortFind albums by this artist, guitarist Nik SvarcFind albums by this artist and bassist Chris WebbFind albums by this artist. Two additional musicians play on selected tracks. The album presents nine original compositions, all by Zyrmont except one track co-credited to all members of the band.

The music is classic electric Fusion, based on nice, well structured and put together melodic themes, which serve mainly as basis for the extended soloing. There is a well balanced mixture or ballads and up tempo numbers and the album is overall a very nice listening experience.

All members of the quintet perform well and are able to deliver solidly structured soli, supported amicably by the rhythm section. There is really absolutely nothing wrong with this music, except for the fact that is sounds like something that was conceived and recorded in the early 1970s, when Fusion was fresh and exciting, but sadly soon after got stuck in the same patterns for the 50 years following.

Overall this is a nice Funky, Groovy Fusion album, excellently performed but hardy innovative or challenging, with countless similar albums recorded over the years. For Fusion fans this does not get much better than this, so it is definitely worth checking out!
Updated: 03/01/2021Posted: 03/01/2021CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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