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SOLITON 1048 (Barcode: 5903684230488) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Blues Fusion

Recorded: 2020 Released: 2020

This is an album by two veteran Polish Jazz musicians: guitarist / composer Krzysztof Puma PiaseckiFind albums by this artist and saxophonist / composer Adam WendtFind albums by this artist, recorded live at the early days of the pandemic (when such things were still possible) in the famous Polish Jazz club Pod Filarami. Rapper EskaubeiFind albums by this artist (a.k.a. Bartlomiej SkubiszFind albums by this artist) joins the duo on one track and adds some electronics on others. The album presents twelve original compositions: five by Piasecki, four by Wendt and three co-composed by them both.

The music is all melody based, moving between Blues / Fusion influences (Piasecki) and mainstream Jazz (Wendt), offering mostly beautiful melodic themes, full of typical Polish melancholy. The entire atmosphere of the album is unique, with the spooky ambience of the empty club and the poignant uncertainty of the pandemic influencing the proceedings.

Both Piasecki and Wendt perform brilliantly and their obvious mutual respect and understanding, as well as vast performing experience are immediately apparent here. Despite the limited instrumentation and the rather unusual guitar / sax pairing, the music sound just perfect and lacks nothing more to express the emotions involved. Piasecki´s superb guitar parts, both as accompanist and soloist, are simply breathtaking. Wendt adds wave after wave of heartwrenching emotion and together the duo is as perfect as one might wish for.

Overall this is a beautiful album, full of great music and masterful performances, which is not trying to dazzle or surprise but concentrates on communicating music at its purest and most emotional form, which works here perfectly. The album´s optimistic title certainly has a bit of prophecy in it, with the end of the pandemic now in sight. This album is highly recommended to guitar fanatics, as it offers some highly unusual craft, but also to all music lovers, who can enjoy it in its purest form.
Updated: 02/01/2021Posted: 02/01/2021CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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