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O.N.E. ~ ONE
AUDIO CAVE 2020/007 (Barcode: 5908298549063) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2019 Released: 2020

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz ensemble O.N.E.Find albums by this artist comprising of five female representatives of the young generation of the local scene: saxophonist Monika MucFind albums by this artist, violinist Dominika RusinowskaFind albums by this artist, pianist Paulina AtmanskaFind albums by this artist, bassist Kamila DrabekFind albums by this artist and drummer Patrycja WybranczykFind albums by this artist. The album presents seven pieces, three composed by Muc, two by Atamanska, one traditional tune and one composition by Krzysztof KomedaFind albums by this artist.

The music is quite characteristic of the young Polish Jazz scene; full of melancholy and folkloristic influences, strictly melody based but with open space for improvisation and soloing. The rather unusual instrumental lineup (see violin) creates a particular sound, which takes time to get used to. These Ladies have of course perfect schooling and a lot of playing experience behind them, which results in spotless execution, both by the front line and the rhythm section.

The original compositions are well structured, albeit a bit hesitant in their nature, which results in a certain lack of focus, as far as the album as a whole is concerned. But considering the fact that this is a debut offering, this is a minor point and can be easily forgiven.

This album offers a perfect opportunity to exam the timeless issue of "Womens Jazz", which always annoys me. Id rather leave gender out of music the same way we should avoid dealing with race or religion. We should concentrate on giving woman equal opportunity instead. As this album proves, women can be certainly as creative, adventurous and clever as men in every aspect of life.

Overall this is an important debut, which hopefully will open a recording continuance for this gathering of Jazz Amazons (daughters of Harmonia), for the years to come. Definitely worth investigating!
Updated: 31/03/2022Posted: 18/05/2020CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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