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SESSION WORK 115 (Barcode: 9005321115199) ~ AUSTRIA ~ Jazz-World Fusion

Recorded: 2018 Released: 2019

This is the debut album by the Austrian / Polish quintet AccepDanceCollectiveFind albums by this artist comprising of Austrian guitarist Martin WeselyFind albums by this artist, bassist Flo HupfaufFind albums by this artist and drummer Andreas SchifferFind albums by this artist and Polish guitarist Piotr DomagalaFind albums by this artist and multi-instrumentalist Oleg DyyakFind albums by this artist. The album presents ten original compositions, four by Wesely, three by Domagala, two by Schiffer and one by Wesely / Schiffer.

The music is strongly influenced by various World Music themes, including Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Balkan and many other atmospheres, primarily very lyrical and delicate, spiced by extended Jazzy improvisations by Wesely, Domagala and Dyyak (mostly on accordion). The rhythm section adds a steady support and harmony, with excellent bass parts by Hupfauf and delicate but firm drumming by Schiffer and percussion ornamentations by Dyyak.

The double guitar front line offers of course plenty of excellent soloing both individually and as a duo, and considering the excellent recording quality, which allows each and every note to be heard perfectly, this album offers a true musical feast

Overall this is an excellent debut effort by seasoned musicians, which combines great compositions and virtuosic performances offering a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions. Connoisseurs of Jazz-World Fusion should find this album as an ideal listening experience, but this music should be appealing to a wide spectrum of music lovers, across any genre borders. Warmly recommended!
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