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LOVE & BEAUTY 06 ~ POLAND ~ Avant-Garde Jazz

Recorded: 2018 Released: 2019

This is the debut album by Avant-Garde Polish Jazz duo Alfons SlikFind albums by this artist, consisting of pianist / composer Grzegorz TarwidFind albums by this artist and drummer / composer Szymon GasiorekFind albums by this artist. The album presents nine original compositions, three composed by Tarwid, two by Gasiorek and four co-composed by them both. In addition to the obvious piano and drums the duo utilizes some spoken word parts on three of the tracks, which are on the borderline of Jazz & Poetry / Rap.

The music is everything the listeners familiar with the work of these two brilliant young musicians (separately and collectively) might expect, and beyond. Although definitely unconventional and innovative, and therefore Avant-Garde, the music is not missing some melodic touches and coherent continuity. The total playing time of just under half an hour is a wise decision in this case as the intensity and diversity of the musical content is mercilessly multifarious and complex.

Piano and drums duet is surely not a typical musical setting, especially when both instruments receive a completely equally important role within the music. The dialogue the two partners are able to develop herein is truly spectacular and rarely present elsewhere.

Overall this is a fascinating musical adventure, which stands apart from most Avant-Garde projects in Polish / European Jazz. Paraphrasing on an old slogan, this is Avant-Garde with a human face, which rather than alienating the listener tries to bring him into the music and embrace it. This little gem is absolutely wholeheartedly recommended!
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