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REQUIEM / LYDIAN 2020/07 ~ POLAND ~ Smooth Jazz

Recorded: 2019 Released: 2020

Although her career goes back over two decades, this is finally the debut album by Polish vocalist Malgorzata MarkiewiczFind albums by this artist. It was recorded with the vocals supported by a basic trio consisting of keyboardist Nikola KolodziejczykFind albums by this artist, bass guitarist Maciej SzczycinskiFind albums by this artist and drummer Michal BryndalFind albums by this artist. In addition a string quartet, which is 3/4 of the Atom String QuartetFind albums by this artist (violinist Dawid LubowiczFind albums by this artist, violist Michal ZaborskiFind albums by this artist (Malgorzata´s husband) and cellist Krzysztof LenczowskiFind albums by this artist) and violinist Marta ZalewskaFind albums by this artist takes part in the recording as well as eight other musicians playing / singing on selected tracks. The album presents twelve original songs, nine of which were composed by Markiewicz (two co-composed with others) and three were composed by Gabriela KapczukFind albums by this artist. She also wrote three of the lyrics and co-wrote one with the rest being by different authors. Six of the songs feature lyrics in Polish language and the other six feature lyrics in English. The album is elegantly packaged and offers the lyrics, arty photographs and stylish design.

The songs are all typical contemporary Polish Pop, very melodic and solidly written but slightly samey. The album offers a modern production and sound, which I personally don´t appreciate very much. But the instrumental arrangements, with just a tinge of Jazz here and there, and the playing / singing are absolutely perfect and professional. If not for the Polish lyrics, this album might have been mistaken for an American album, which proves that the Poles can beat the Americans at their own Smooth Jazz production game, but as such does not offer much originality.

With that said, Markiewicz proves she can write great tunes and sing them with true feeling, even in English, which most of her local vocal colleagues fail at badly. It is obvious that a lot of thought and work was invested into creating this album and the result is highly entertaining and offers a great listening experience, which Pop and Smooth Jazz listeners should enjoy immensely.

Overall this is an excellently produced and beautifully performed album, full of great tunes and typical Smooth Jazz feel, which should make aficionados of that genre perfectly happy.
Updated: 09/01/2021Posted: 25/03/2020CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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