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SJP 007 ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2019 Released: 2019

This is the third installment of the project dedicated to the music by and the memory of the iconic Polish Jazz vibraphonist / composer / arranger / bandleader Jerzy MilianFind albums by this artist, carried out by trumpeter / composer Maciej FortunaFind albums by this artist. Milian, who died in 2018, cooperated during the last years of his life with young musician from his hometown of Poznan, and even wrote new compositions for them, the first of which was released as part of the first installment of this project called "Music For Mr. FortunaFind albums with this title". Two further compositions: "Dylematy Dla Pieciu" and "Konsylium Z Zyrafa", both of which are multi-part suites, are released here for the first time. The music is performed by top Polish Jazz musicians: trumpeter Maciej Fortuna, saxophonist Maciej KocinskiFind albums by this artist, trombonist Piotr BanysFind albums by this artist, pianist Kuba StankiewiczFind albums by this artist, bassist Jakub MielcarekFind albums by this artist and drummer Stanislaw AleksandrowiczFind albums by this artist. On two additional tracks Milian plays vibraphone accompanied by symphony orchestra conducted by Grzegorz StasiukFind albums by this artist, who also created the orchestral arrangements. "Konsylium Z Zyrafa" was the last composition by Milian completed before his death, hence the album´s title.

The music is everything one might expect from Milian, as far as the compositions are concerned, and from the musicians as far as execution is concerned. Milian was always a master of atmosphere; ad his compositions here confirm his reputation. Fortuna and his cohorts play brilliantly, as expected.

Overall this is another piece in the hyper-sized puzzle of Milian´s legacy, which proves his importance as one of the leading European Jazz composers and trendsetters. The album is an absolute must to Milian´s avid fans and completists of his recorded legacy. Although only slightly above half an hour in playing time, it fully justifies to be a part of any serious Polish Jazz collection.
Updated: 18/01/2020Posted: 18/01/2020CD 1 Mini-Sleeve Recommend To A Friend

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