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HOWARD 4 (Barcode: 5903420816273) ~ POLAND ~ Avant-Garde Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 2019 Released: 2019

This is the debut album by the Polish Jazz ensemble RASP LoversFind albums by this artist, led by guitarist Szymon WojcikFind albums by this artist and also including saxophonist Jerzy MaczynskiFind albums by this artist, pianist Marcel BalinskiFind albums by this artist, bassist Rafal RozalskiFind albums by this artist and drummer Bartosz SzablowskiFind albums by this artist. However, four of the above listed musicians (all except Balinski) appeared last year as members of the P.E. QuartetFind albums by this artist which released their debut album "CokolwiekFind albums with this title" then, so one might wonder why the change of moniker? The album presents eleven original compositions, all by Wojcik. The music was recorded at the Monochrom Studio and engineered by Ignacy GruszeckiFind albums by this artist, who is probably the only person on earth up to the task.

To my surprise the music on this album does not continue the direction of the above mentioned P.E. Quartet´s debut album, which perhaps answers the question about the name change. It is a harsh, often conflicting amalgam of many musical elements, from Avant-Garde, Jazz, Rock and Punk (more in attitude than musically). As a result the music shakes the listener at first contact, which perhaps is the desired effect. It is very difficult to find a coherent direction or concept in this music at first, again perhaps intentionally so, with the music jumping between rocky riffs and improvised music parts without warning and which, as a result, can be quite masochistic for a casual listener.

But on the other hand one has to admire the non-conformism and the courage to follow the Artistic vision, which obviously stands behind this music. The five musicians all perform wonderfully and imaginatively throughout this album, creating absorbing flow and fascinating moments, given the opportunity to be heard and noticed. It takes time and patience to create a mental bridge to this music, which probably very few listeners are able to build eventually, and which is probably not a primary concern of the music´s creators.

For hardened Improvised Music / Avant-Garde fanatics this is an obvious chaotic heaven, the rest of the world you have been warned ;)
Updated: 14/12/2019Posted: 14/12/2019CD 1 Mini-Sleeve Recommend To A Friend

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