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RUNE GRAMMOFON 2208 (Barcode: 7033662022083) ~ NORWAY ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2018 Released: 2019

This is the second album by young Norwegian Jazz pianist / composer Kjetil Andre MulelidFind albums by this artist, recorded in the same piano trio setting like his debut, with bassist Bjorn Marius HeggeFind albums by this artist and drummer Andreas Skar WintherFind albums by this artist. The album presents nine original compositions, eight by Mulelid and one by Hegge. The recording offers exceptional sound quality, which of course is crucial in the case of piano trio recordings.

The music is more melody oriented than the debut, with well defined themes, which are later basis for improvised passages. Most of the tunes are slow tempo, rather introvert and lyrical, and this time have a distinct Nordic elements in them, again in contract to the debut album. As a result both these albums could be looked upon as complementing each other and presenting different personal / musical elements, which are both parts of their creator. To some extent this album is somewhat better balanced and focused, which marks a clear progression as far as Mulelid´s compositions are concerned. Of course some of the music is free spirited and open, as appropriate for modern Jazz, but it never looses the touch with the melodic current underneath.

The performances are perfect in every respect, both those by the pianists and the rhythm section, which supports the leader amicably gracing him with a lot of breathing space and even leaving him completely solo at times. The ensemble camaraderie is marvelous at all times and the trio performs as one spiritual body, combining their talents into one faultless union.

For lovers of Jazz piano trio albums, this is certainly a rarity that should not be ignored and as such it is absolutely worth seeking out. The music is accessible to a wide range of listeners, and although artistically refined, it is not over-intellectual, resulting in an unadulterated listening pleasure for the entire direction. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Updated: 17/09/2019Posted: 17/09/2019CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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