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Recorded: 2018 Released: 2018

This is the fourth album by American (partly resident in Poland) bassist Mike ParkerFind albums by this artist and his second album with the Trio TheoryFind albums by this artist, which also includes Polish saxophonist Slawomir PezdaFind albums by this artist and American (also partly resident in Poland) drummer Frank ParkerFind albums by this artist. The album presents seven original compositions, all by Mike Parker.

The music is melody based modern Jazz, which in contrast to the preceding album with the trio, which was recorded live and presented mostly Free Jazz approach, is much more organized and structured. Of course there is still plenty of improvisation herein, which dominates Pezda´s superb performances, but the overall approach is much more relaxed and "disciplined".

The album develops on two separate planes: the energetic and highly complex improvised saxophone parts and the hypnotic rhythmic background created by bass and drums. When combined, these two planes overlap splendidly and the resulting music amalgamates rhythm and melody into one cohesive unity, which is highly emotional and moving.

All three players demonstrate highly developed technical skills and understanding of the Jazz idiom. The rhythm section is mostly very powerful and carries the strong beat in a manner closely related to rhythms originating in African Cultures. Pezda is naturally more related to the European approach but his saxophone playing is also strongly related to early Free Jazz Masters like Albert AylerFind albums by this artist and Eric DolphyFind albums by this artist. He certainly emerges on this recording as one of the leading Polish Jazz saxophonists of the young generation.

The music on this album is quite different from most other Polish Jazz recordings, which mostly follow a much mellower, melancholic and lyrical trends, whereas here the main tendency is more raw and penetrating, facing the listener right in his face rather than appealing to his intellectual antennae. Mike Parker deserves praise for the wonderful compositions he created for the trio.

Overall this is a splendid outing, which is definitely worth being discovered and admired and an important step in the career of the musicians involved. Wholeheartedly recommended!
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