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AMP 021 (Barcode: 662578831150) ~ NORWAY ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2017 Released: 2018

This is the debut album by Norwegian Jazz quintet NilasaliNFind albums by this artist, which consists of trombonist Nils Andreas GransethFind albums by this artist, guitarist Magnus Jonnum GrimnesFind albums by this artist, pianist Martin Sandvik GjerdeFind albums by this artist, bassist Stian Andreas Egeland AndersenFind albums by this artist and drummer Magnus Sefaniassen EideFind albums by this artist. The album presents ten original compositions, seven composed by Granseth and one each by Andersen, Gjerde and Grimnes.

The music is a highly melodic modern European Jazz, with an unusual trombone / guitar front line, which creates a unique ambience. As it often happens with Norwegian bands, the wonderful calm and minimalistic atmosphere presides over the entire proceeding, with every note played exactly in its proper place and perfectly in harmony with everything else that is happening around. Introvert and melancholic, the beautiful melodies develop slowly and reveal layer after layer of harmonic aesthetics.

The individual performances by the quintet members are also superb from start to finish. Granseth, who obviously steers the music and is the main soloist, has an exquisite trombone sound, round and velvety, which in spite of its limitations proves to be completely in charge and able to play anything between long melodic lines and virtuosic arpeggios, when appropriate. Grimnes plays very tasty licks and manages to stay within the Jazz idiom, avoiding the Fusion excursions. Gjerde is wonderfully dynamic and plays excellent accompaniment behind the soloists as well as splendid solos. Andersen builds a solid layer upon which the music slides forward effortlessly, always there at the right time, with round and confident pulsations. Eide stays most of the time in the background, with his delicate but sophisticated rhythmic support, which is ideal for this music.

Overall this is an astounding debut album, full of superb music and exquisite performances, which offers an unusual sound ambience and continues the Nordic Jazz tradition at its best. The elegance, sophistication and class present herein are simply mind blowing. The album was exceptionally recorded and the sound quality is simply breathtaking. This is definitely one of the best albums that landed on my desk so far in 2018 and to my adversaries I say again this blows most ECMFind albums on this label albums out of the window, just listen!
Updated: 07/04/2018Posted: 07/04/2018CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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