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NAKAMA 013 ~ NORWAY ~ Avant-Garde Jazz

Recorded: 2017 Released: 2017

This is the fourth album by the Norwegian ensemble called NakamaFind albums by this artist, led by bassist Christian Meaas SvendsenFind albums by this artist, which also includes violinist Adrian Loseth WaadeFind albums by this artist, pianist Ayumi TanakaFind albums by this artist and drummer Andreas WildhagenFind albums by this artist, and also for the first time the new member of the ensemble, vocalist Agnes HvizdalekFind albums by this artist. The album presents five improvised pieces, all credited to the ensemble.

The decision to move towards completely Improvised Music represents the new direction Nakama is pursuing on this album, letting go of all pre-composed elements and immersing into extreme spontaneously created Avant-Garde music. As a result the music on this album is even more difficult and estranged than their previous recordings, which might limit their contact with the established followers´ base.

Devoid of any clear melodic / harmonic / rhythmic elements, the listener is faced with an abstract expressionist collection of sounds, free to react to those sonic stimuli completely unrestrained by any cognitive limitations. As a result this music might sound completely different to each and every listener, with varying degrees of conceptual communication. Perhaps this is the strongest asset of this music, which expands the communication between the ensemble members further towards the listeners as well.

In spite of the abstract nature of this music, it is neither chaotic nor aggressive. I had no problem to listen to the entire album from the very first time and in fact quite enjoyed it, as I might have enjoyed an exhibition of abstract painting or any other form of abstract Art. Despite the weird and eerie external, there is some internal aesthetic in these improvisations, which manages to come through and touch the listener. This is quite rare occasion when extreme Avant-Garde manages to personally touch my musical perception so profoundly, which of course I find quite miraculous.

Overall this is an album for a small and "brave" group of hyper-adventurous listeners, who are able to free themselves from all pre-conceptions and miss-conceptions and dive head first into the big unknown. Some of those people might even emerge with a smile on their face, like yours truly.
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