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KOPASETIC 052 (Barcode: 7320470224397) ~ SWEDEN ~ Avant-Garde Jazz-Classical Fusion

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2017

This is the third album by the Swedish trio Viva BlackFind albums by this artist led by bassist / composer Filip AugustsonFind albums by this artist, which also includes violinist Eva LindalFind albums by this artist and drummer Christopher CantilloFind albums by this artist. On this album they also invited the Swedish duo Gretli & HeidiFind albums by this artist, i.e. Catharina BackmanFind albums by this artist and Carin BlomFind albums by this artist, who play glass harp, glass bells and bowls, bottles and perform vocalese. The album presents eight compositions, three composed by Augustson, three others by Backman, one by Blom and one is by the Swedish drummer / composer Peter DanemoFind albums by this artist.

The music is quite consistent with the trio´s output, as documented on their two previous albums: "Viva BlackFind albums with this title" and "Minsta Gemensamma NamnarenFind albums with this title", mixing Jazz, Improvised Music and contemporary Chamber Classical music. On this album the participation of Backman and Blom expand the milieu to include also World Music and Ambient elements.

As always, the music is complex and multilayered, requiring a very attentive listening and total involvement from the listener, but the depth of the music and its unique aesthetics are deeply rewarding and fascinating. The innovative approach to music, the sublime dynamics and the constant search for new elements of expression make this music alive and soaring, even if most of the time it is very intimate, subdued and minimalistic.

The individual performances are, again as usual, exceptional, with Augustson´s bass driving the music steadily, while Lindal is free to play the themes and improvisations and Cantillo to play around with the pulsations. Backman and Blom add ambient sonic vistas and percussive tones, as well as human voice to the mix, which altogether works wonderfully. More importantly the balance and interplay of the entire quintet is also achieved perfectly,

The music of Viva Black is slowly creating a unique niche within the Avant-Garde Jazz – Classical Fusion and the fact that the trio managed to release three consistently excellent albums in a row makes them one of the most interesting phenomena of the sub-genre. One can only hope they will be back soon with some more of their musical magic. Personally I can’t wait to hear more of it!
Updated: 12/04/2019Posted: 30/09/2017CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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