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HRPP 043 ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2016

This is the sixth album by Polish Jazz-Rock Fusion guitarist / composer Krzysztof Puma PiaseckiFind albums by this artist. He is accompanied by a team of musicians, which includes bassist Andrzej RusekFind albums by this artist, trumpeter Charli GreenFind albums by this artist, vocalist Katarzyna Puma PiaseckaFind albums by this artist, keyboardist Tadeusz LesniakFind albums by this artist and drummer Arek KondrowskiFind albums by this artist. The album presents twelve original compositions, all by Piasecki.

The music is a great collection of melodic Fusion tunes, beautifully crafted and most importantly honest and down to earth. Piasecki is of course "old school" and for him a good tune is the basis for a great performance. These tunes are almost danceable, and certainly a great fun to listen to, which basically scream pure unadulterated musical fun.

Of course the guitar is the focus of this album, and Piasecki is a Master of the trade. He plays many different guitars, with different sound effects and in many different moods, doing so always right on the money and straight to the heart. People like me, who still remember the good old days when guitar was the King of the musical Universe, are probably more prone to the heartwrenching guitar sounds that this album is full of. The other players all contribute amicable and highly professional parts on this album, staying however mostly in the background and leaving the spotlight for Piasecki and his stunning guitar parts.

Sometimes music should simply serve as an island of sanity in this crazy world of ours, and this album is a great example of such music. Flowing smoothly from one tune to another this music has no dull moments and keeps the listener in a state of bliss. Forget the cerebral doodling and pretentious over sophistication this is 100% pure delight.

Of course this album is an absolute must for all guitar fanatics all over the world and the hordes of Fusion fans, who still populate this earth. This is no bullshit real deal - please remember you heard it from me first!
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