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GOWI 12 ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 1993 Released: 1994

This is an album by legendary Polish Jazz trumpeter Tomasz StankoFind albums by this artist, which presents the music used as a soundtrack of an obscure Polish TV movie "A Farewell To MariaFind albums with this title", directed by Filip ZylberFind albums by this artist. The music is performed by a large cast of top Polish Jazz musicians, like saxophonist Tomasz SzukalskiFind albums by this artist, keyboardist Janusz SkowronFind albums by this artist, bassists Andrzej CudzichFind albums by this artist and Adam CegielskiFind albums by this artist, drummer Cezary KonradFind albums by this artist and others, as well as a string quartet. The album comprises of thirteen relatively short tracks, which appear within the film.

The music is a wonderful example of the strength of Stanko the composer and is based around the leitmotif, which is, as always, a heartwrenching ballad that Stanko masterly created. But the album also includes several additional melodic and improvised pieces, which create a diverse and fascinating musical experience. In contrast to many soundtrack albums, this one works perfectly well by itself, detached from the cinematic layer.

The performances are all top notch, again as expected, and in many respects this album firmly belongs to the mainstream of Stanko´s recorded heritage. It´s a great pity that this album so little known by Stanko´s fans and the fact that it is impossible to find a copy of this album is a crying shame. Grab it if you can find it!
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