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SONET 963 ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 1986 Released: 1987

This is an album by Polish Jazz pianist / composer Adam MakowiczFind albums by this artist, who left Poland in the late 1970s and lived first in NY and later moved to Toronto, Canada. This album, recorded in Sweden, on which Makowicz is accompanied by one of the most celebrated European rhythm sections: Swedish bassist Palle DanielssonFind albums by this artist and Norwegian drummer Jon ChristensenFind albums by this artist, presents eight original compositions, all by Makowicz.

The album is a wonderful testimony both of the technical brilliance of Makowicz as a pianist and his superb talents as a composer. His seemingly endless arpeggios and other impressive ornamentations are a continuous joy to the listener and the wonderful melodies float one after another with ease and charm. The rhythm section obviously enjoys this session as much as the leader and both musicians support him amicably and elegantly.

Sadly this album managed to pass under the radar of most Polish Jazz fans and is today quite difficult to find. I definitely recommend getting a copy as long as it is still possible, as no Polish Jazz discography is complete without this album!
Updated: 14/07/2017Posted: 14/07/2017CD 1 Recommend To A Friend

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