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WHYPLAYJAZZ 034 (Barcode: 4250459990346) ~ GERMANY ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2017

This is the third album by German drummer / composer Max AndrzejewskiFind albums by this artist and his HutteFind albums by this artist quartet, which also includes saxophonist Johannes SchleiermacherFind albums by this artist, guitarist Tobias HoffmannFind albums by this artist and Danish bassist Andreas LangFind albums by this artist. On this album the quartet is joined by a thirteen piece choir, called The Homegrown Organic Gospel ChoirFind albums by this artist, led by Tobias ChristlFind albums by this artist. Guest vocalist Dorrey Lin LylesFind albums by this artist appears on four tracks. Together they perform eleven original compositions, all composed by Andrzejewski.

The music is an attempt to mix contemporary / Free Jazz with Gospel Music, an innovative idea, which sadly fails to achieve its purpose. Taken separately the music played by the quartet and the choir parts might work out well, but when they are superimposed each on top of the other, there is a clash which is hard to reconcile. The Jazz parts are complex and free spirited, while the Gospel parts are based on simple melodies, with exaggerated theatrics.

The quartet is an excellent ensemble, which offers top class modern Jazz and is definitely worth following, as are other project Andrzejewski takes part in, but this particular project simply leaves me cold since its ingredients simply do not mix at all, as far a I am concerned.

Overall this is an interesting and innovative project, which has some great quartet performances, sadly constantly disturbed by the simplistic and repetitive Gospel vocals. Not my cup of tea.
Updated: 06/06/2017Posted: 06/06/2017CD 1 Mini-Sleeve Recommend To A Friend

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