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FOR TUNE 0120 (Barcode: 5906395808182) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Funk Fusion

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2017

This is the debut album as a leader by the veteran Polish Jazz drummer / composer Krzysztof DziedzicFind albums by this artist. Surrounded by a formidable team, which includes keyboardist Piotr WylezolFind albums by this artist, saxophonist Kuba WiecekFind albums by this artist, guitarist Apostolis AnthimosFind albums by this artist, bassist Robert KubiszynFind albums by this artist and Michal BajFind albums by this artist (a.k.a. DJ EpromFind albums by this artist), who is in charge of turntablism, Dziedzic presents nine original compositions / improvisations, all credited to him.

The music, as described in the album´s liner notes, is all about tempo measured in beats per minute, or BPM, which changes here from one tune to another from the very slow 25 BPS to the extremely fast 207 BPM. The melodic content is quite limited on this album, with the drums being the anchor instrument, which leads the proceedings. Bass guitar parts turn some of the tunes into improvised Funk and Groove. The piano takes most of the solo parts and the saxophone and guitar play only on selected tracks, but deliver excellent contributions, especially the Anthimos parts which are Fusion heaven, as usual. The drums dominate the proceedings of course all the way through.

This album is mostly about drums and drumming and fans of rhythmic grooves should find this music delightful. For others, especially those looking for straightforward Jazz might find this music somewhat less approachable, except for some excerpts.

Overall this is a bold and quite unique statement, which deserves to be heard and hopefully will conquer hearts in the process. Dziedzic already proved that he is one of the top Polish Jazz drummers over the years and now is time to discover his less obvious qualities.
Updated: 12/04/2017Posted: 12/04/2017CD 1 Recommend To A Friend

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