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FOR TUNE 0121 (Barcode: 5906395808175) ~ ECUADOR ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2017

In times where separatism, nationalism and xenophobia seem to be taking over the world we live in, it often seems to me that Art in general and our beloved Jazz Music in particular is more often that not the last frontier where values like tolerance, cooperation and unison are still flourishing with truly amazing results. Take this album as an example: Polish pianist Piotr OrzechowskiFind albums by this artist (born 1990), Ecuadorian bassist Daniel ToledoFind albums by this artist (born 1991) and Swedish drummer Paul SvanbergFind albums by this artist (born 1984) get together to form a classic Jazz piano trio, which is a very intimate musical partnership requiring total cooperation, in order to achieve its goal of creating music together. The fact that these musicians come from different and distant countries and cultural backgrounds not only does not stand in the way of them becoming one body and mind when playing this music, but actually reinforces their ability to create music on a higher Artistic and Intellectual planes.

This is the second album by Daniel Toledo, again recorded in the piano trio setting, which consistently continues the path and the direction set by the debut. The focus is again split between two layers: the compositions, all originals by Toledo, and the performance, which strives towards finesse, elegance and flair. Toledo, the composer, emerges as a masterful weaver of beautiful melodies, stretched over a complex rhythmic framework, which are versatile, both harmonically and rhythmically and constitute a mature and solid body of first-rate music. Toledo, the bassist, proves his ability to lead the trio safely over the troubled waters of this challenging music, emerging victorious again.

Of course the fact that both his partners are dreamy musicians of the highest rank has a tremendous influence on the end result. Orzechowski, one of the absolute top pianists of the new generation of Polish Jazz, who feels equally confident playing Classical Music and Jazz, keeps amazing with his inventive touches of the keyboard, floating on the complex harmonic structures with seemingly effortless panache. Svanberg nails it all down with his assertive, but wonderfully sensitive drumming, playing forcefully but not overpoweringly, creating a rhythmic layer which is stylistically atypical for a Jazz recording.

Nothing short of brilliant, this album proves that melodic modern Jazz can still be rewarding and fascinating, when executed sincerely and passionately. Listen and learn!
Side Note
The above are my liner notes included on this album's artwork.

I am honored when asked by the Artists to write liner notes for their albums, always hoping that my words reflect the true spirit of the music. This is also a symbol of our mutual respect and friendship developed over the years.

The same is also true when Record Labels ask me to write liner notes for their releases, mostly in the case of reissues of archival albums, which is a symbol of their appreciation of my knowledge and historical perspective and my recognition of their dedication to the preservation of the history of recorded music and the effort to keep human Culture and Aesthetics alive.
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