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GAD 049 (Barcode: 5901549197648) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 1975 - 2005 Released: 2016

This is an archival album presenting material recorded by an excellent but sadly short-lived Polish Jazz-Rock Fusion band Muzyczna Spolka Akcyjna 1111Find albums by this artist, which consisted of guitarist Janusz KonefalFind albums by this artist, keyboardists Wojciech JaworskiFind albums by this artist or Zbigniew SzubaFind albums by this artist, bassists Maciej RodaFind albums by this artist or Mieczyslaw JureckiFind albums by this artist and drummer Leszek ChalimoniukFind albums by this artist. The material originates from two radio sessions recorded a couple of years apart (1975 and 1977), which produced seven tracks and a live performance at the Jazz Nad Odra Festival from 1977, which produced two tracks and finally a studio session recorded by a attempted comeback lineup of the band in 2005, which produced one track. Overall the album presents nine original compositions (one composition appears twice, in live and in studio version), eight of which were composed by Konefal and one by Szuba.

Both the music and the execution are truly excellent from start to finish and the album is a hidden gem of Polish Fusion, which finally is able to reach a wider audience. Although the live tracks were released on vinyl at the time, they are long lost and with the addition of the radio and studio recordings this album finally pays proper homage to this splendid group.

The music is very melodic and presents well written themes, which are ideal vehicles for the improvisations by the group members. The rhythm section supports the guitar and keyboards solos amicably and the music moves forward elegantly and intelligently, which is typical of European Fusion bands, which put sophistication and harmonic complexity ahead of flashy instrumental show-off.

This is another superb discovery bestowed upon the Polish music lovers by the splendid GADFind albums on this label Records label, which manages time after time to uncover hidden treasures, which are all more than worthy to be available to the wide public. Considering the superb quality of the music and the great sound quality, this album is an absolute gem!
Updated: 21/03/2017Posted: 20/03/2017CD 1 Remastered Recommend To A Friend

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