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RELATIVE PITCH 1046 (Barcode: 616892379843) ~ POLAND ~ Free Jazz / Improvised Music

Recorded: 2013 Released: 2015

This is the fifth album by the Avant-Garde / Improvising Music duo comprising of Polish acoustic bass guitarist Rafal MazurFind albums by this artist and American saxophonist Keir NeuringerFind albums by this artist. Together they perform six spontaneously improvised pieces, co-composed by the duo members.

As usual with Improvised Music it is not about the virtuosic abilities of the players, which of course are also present herein, but about the ability to communicate, cooperate and create together something that is more than the simple sum of the components. Mazur and Neuringer have already successfully proved that they are among the best of the kind and this album firmly verifies again, that this is the case.

The six lengthy pieces present a plethora of moods and emotional states, beautifully illustrated by the music, which often sounds strangely melodic and coherent in spite of its improvised nature. An attentive listener simply gets completely lost within the music, engulfed within the emotional fabric of the sounds.

This album is a wonderful example of truly creative Improvised Music that stays relevant beyond the actual moment of creation and is able to reproduce the magic also in recorded form. Sadly such music constitutes a minority within the genre, which many artists involved in it have serious problems understanding.

Of course the individual performances by those two brilliant musicians also deserve a high praise. Mazur managed to create a completely individual bass sound and his incredible technique is also completely unique. Neuringer displays unlimited fluency and improvisational depth, which are both unprecedented.

As usual, a great piece of intriguing, wonderfully performed music, which sets the path (pun intended) for others to follow, both as listeners and musicians. Thanks for sharing!
Updated: 12/04/2019Posted: 08/10/2016CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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