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TIMELESS MOMENTUM 20161 (Barcode: 600736547413) ~ UK ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 2016 Released: 2016

This is the fourth album by Canadian (resident in UK) bassist / composer Antoine FafardFind albums by this artist, recorded in a trio format with Canadian guitarist Jerry De Villiers, Jr.Find albums by this artist and British keyboardist / drummer extraordinaire Gary HusbandFind albums by this artist. The album presents nine original compositions, six of which were composed by Fafard and three were co-composed by him and De Villiers.

Jazz-Rock Fusion has been the most disappointing and stagnant music genre since the turn of the Millennium, to the dismay of the hordes of the genre´s true fans and die-hard blind followers. Therefore this album is a breath of fresh air, clearly pointing out that Fusion is not dead yet and creativity is still possible within its realms.

This album combines the two vital ingredients every Fusion album must have in order to be successful: great tunes and virtuosic performances. Both are present here in abundance. Fafard´s compositions are all beautifully melodic and rhythmically interesting, and most importantly diverse enough to create a cohesive flow but also to avoid sounding like one long stream of tunes almost identical to each other, which sadly happens all too often on Fusion albums.

Of course the playing is also crucial and although there are only three musicians here, they often sound like an entire orchestra. Fafard plays wonderfully melodic and yet funky bass, which provides the basic layer on which De Villiers plays his solos, building up climax after climax with his virtuosic strings of notes. But it is Husband who really glues the entire musical fabric together both with his incredible keyboards vistas, which create a symphonic effect, and of course drives the whole vehicle with his powerful yet highly sensitive drumming. In fact this is one of the most impressive recordings by Husband which I have heard lately and his contributions here are school book examples what Fusion is all about.

This album proudly follows in the steps of its predecessor, taking Fafard´s work even further towards the recognition he truly deserves as composer and instrumentalist. It is a soaring, exhilarating musical experience from start to finish and definitely deserves the rank of one of the best Fusion albums in a very long time.

It is also great to hear Husband in such great form again! Thank you my friend for your playing on this album, which presents your many talents at their utmost, from the delightful delicacy on acoustic piano to your Titanic strength on the drum kit.

For all Fusion fans, this album is the redemption and the escape from boredom you have all been waiting for!
Updated: 21/09/2016Posted: 21/09/2016CD 1 Digipak Recommend To A Friend

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