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GAD 029 (Barcode: 5901549197372) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 1983 - 1984 Released: 2015

This is a reissue of an instrumental album by Polish guitarist / composer Ryszard SygitowiczFind albums by this artist, which was recorded during several sessions for the Polish Radio and released on a small independent label WifonFind albums on this label in 1985, achieving quite unexpectedly a big success on the local market at the time. This album includes, in addition to the nine tracks that were included on the original album, four bonus tracks originating from the same sessions. The music was recorded mostly in a trio format with bassist Arkadiusz ZakFind albums by this artist and drummers Dariusz SygitowiczFind albums by this artist or Wojciech MorawskiFind albums by this artist. Renowned Polish Jazz saxophonist Zbigniew NamyslowskiFind albums by this artist guests on two tracks and percussionist Adam LewandowskiFind albums by this artist on one track.

The music is a refined instrumental guitar oriented Jazz-Rock Fusion, which is comparable to similar efforts by Jeff BeckFind albums by this artist, Carlos SantanaFind albums by this artist and many others and by all means not inferior to any of them. Sygitowicz has a great talent to weave wonderfully melodic themes and play them on his guitar with great feel, tone and skill. As a result these tracks sound as great today as they did at the time they were recorded, losing nothing of their validity over time.

Over the years Sygitowicz was a member of several Polish Rock ensembles and a busy session musician, which resulted in his leaving a mark on dozens of releases by numerous Polish recording artists. He is still very active on the local scene after spending some time in the USA in the late 1980s. In retrospect this album is still a highlight of his career and thanks to the splendid work of GADFind albums on this label Records we are able to enjoy this fabulous music again. Guitar connoisseurs and classic Jazz-Rock Fusion fans should have a field day with this gem!
Updated: 20/02/2016Posted: 20/02/2016CD 1 Remastered Bonus Tracks Recommend To A Friend

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