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NOT TWO 928 (Barcode: 5901549185904) ~ CANADA ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2014 Released: 2015

This is a live recording by the Improvised Music trio consisting of Canadian saxophonist Francois CarrierFind albums by this artist and drummer Michel LambertFind albums by this artist and Polish acoustic bass guitarist Rafal MazurFind albums by this artist. The trio performs six spontaneously improvised pieces, credited to all three trio members. The music was recorded at the Alchemia Jazz Club in Krakow.

Although improvised, the music is characterized by a high degree of melodic content as a result of Carrier´s contributions, which are mostly long lines of melodic themes. Mazur´s bass guitar is always very melodic and here it harmonizes perfectly with Carrier´s leading lines. Lambert is a very delicate and sympathetic drummer, supporting his cohorts with his dense, precise rhythmic patterns, but keeping the volume well in control in order not to dominate the proceedings.

There is a wonderful interplay and exchange of ideas between the trio members, who are listening attentively to each other, weaving together a multi-colored tapestry of sound. The music is remarkably relaxed and serene, even in its most intensive moments, completely avoiding any signs of aggression and competitiveness, which so often completely dominates Improvised Music. As a result this is one of the few cases when an Improvised Music recording actually makes sense to be released on record and manages to recreate the actual experience. The excellent recording quality of this album is also very helpful.

Overall this is a very impressive piece of music captured for eternity on record and deserves to be heard by all Improvised Music connoisseurs. Perhaps not particularly groundbreaking, nevertheless is offers many magic moments which happen only in that particular musical idiom. Wholeheartedly recommended!
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