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FOR TUNE 0076 (Barcode: 5902768701784) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-World Fusion

Recorded: 2015 Released: 2015

This is the debut album by Polish accordionist / composer Zbigniew ChojnackiFind albums by this artist, which presents him playing solo accordion with some use of electronics. The album comprises of six tracks, all composed by Chojnacki, four of which are part of a suite and the other two are unrelated.

From the very first moments of this album it becomes immediately apparent that Chojnacki presents a completely unconventional and novel approach to accordion as far as playing the instrument is concerned, as well as making music in general. The fascinating sounds he is able to produce are absolutely stunning, but even more so is the music, which takes the listener on a transcendental journey toward new and unchartered sound vistas.

This music is so different and so engulfing that when listening to it for the first time the listener is completely left to his own frame of reference, as nothing is able to prepare him to what this music has to offer. A deeper analysis and later reflection allows one to understand the path this music takes, from the traditional role of the accordion in European music towards its influence in World Music, Jazz and other areas, via such notable accordion and bandoneón players like Astor PiazzollaFind albums by this artist, Dino SaluzziFind albums by this artist, Art Van DammeFind albums by this artist and others.

We use the terms "groundbreaking" and "innovative" way too often, but his music truly deserves to be described in these terms. It presents a completely new frame of reference as far as accordion is concerned and by the time this music reaches the audience the meaning of this term will be completely transferred. Breakthroughs of this magnitude are way too far apart and it is a privilege to witness one of them in real time.

The way Chojnacki plays his instrument brings fond associations of the 1960s, when the great Jazz pioneers were taking bold steps like those taken on this album. Sadly, half a Century later, musicians are ready to push the boundaries of known universe only very rarely. This album is one of such rare occasions.
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