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Recorded: 2014 Released: 2014

This is the debut album by Polish Improvising Music trio, which comprises of drummer Michal DziobonFind albums by this artist, guitarist Dawid K. WieczorekFind albums by this artist and saxophonist Bartlomiej WielgoszFind albums by this artist. The music, recorded during an improvised session, was then split into ten tracks, and those were later given titles.

Contrary to most Improvised Music meetings, this trio´s music is relatively mild, non-aggressive and even melodic to some extent. Although the guitar often plays with distortion and electronic feedback, it is balanced by the acoustic saxophone and down to earth percussive approach. Overall it is after all just an artistic experience shared by three musicians, captured and frozen in time by the recording.

There is definitely a dialogue (or trialogue) going on and the musicians have played together earlier on and listen to each other attentively. They employ a wide range of sound effects, especially the electronically aided guitar, but also the unusual usage of drums, which are quite effective and make this music quite interesting for the listener.

On the other hand, however, freely Improvised Music is by definition relevant almost exclusively only while it is performed live, and recordings of such material are simply drained of the emotional as well as artistic essence in most cases. I find it hard to believe that anybody would listen to such music on record more than once, except for extreme devotees.

Overall this is an interesting endeavor, sadly limited to a miniscule specialized audience. Artistically of course it is completely relevant and engaging.
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