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ODD SOUND 13 (Barcode: 701256999604) ~ CANADA ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2013 - 2014 Released: 2014

This is the fourth album by Canadian (of Polish origin) Jazz trumpeter / composer Jacques Kuba SeguinFind albums by this artist, recorded with his sextet which features saxophonists Jean-Pierre ZanellaFind albums by this artist and Andre LerouxFind albums by this artist, pianist Jonathan CayerFind albums by this artist, bassist Frederic AlarieFind albums by this artist and drummer Kevin WarrenFind albums by this artist. Stanley PeanFind albums by this artist recites a text on one track. The album presents seven tracks, six of which were composed by Seguin and the remaining one was composed by the Canadian singer / songwriter Daniel BelangerFind albums by this artist.

The music floats somewhere between contemporary Jazz and Jazz-Rock, although no electric, especially guitar, instruments (except for a bit of Wurlitzer piano) are employed. The compositions are pretty solid, diverse but focused, which makes this album a great improvement in comparison to its predecessor.

Sequin does not solo extensively, which is fine sine he is not the strongest instrumentalist in his group, leaving the lead to other soloists. The rhythm section is very good, especially Alarie, who plays some exceptional funky beats and gives the entire music a kick.

Overall this is quite an enjoyable piece of music, not ambitious and groundbreaking in any respect, but providing solid, entertaining music which can be enjoyed by a wide scope of Jazz listeners. With nice compositions and skillful arrangements this is definitely worth checking out.
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