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BUDKA SUFLERA ~ 1974-1984
MUZA 1530 (Barcode: 5907783425301) ~ POLAND ~ Pop & Rock

Recorded: 1974 - 1984 Released: 2013

This album by the legendary Polish group Budka SufleraFind albums by this artist is not exactly a straight-forward review of their first decade of activity, as suggested by its title. It does compile nine songs recorded originally during that decade, but only two of these songs are presented in their original form and the others were re-recorded especially for this release, and therefore this album is considered as a separate entity in their discography, being substantially different from a straight-forward compilation.

The group started their career in 1974 with their re-make of the great Bill WithersFind albums by this artist hit "Ain´t No Sunshine" translated into Polish but later on created their own original material, mostly composed by the keyboardist / bassist Romuald LipkoFind albums by this artist. The group kept going continuously over the years and is currently the oldest Polish Rock group still active on the scene. The group´s personnel changed many times over the years but the original members, in addition to Lipko, were vocalist Krzysztof CugowskiFind albums by this artist, guitarist Andrzej ZiolkowskiFind albums by this artist and drummer Tomasz ZeliszewskiFind albums by this artist.

During their first decade Budka Suflera maintained a balance between melodic Rock and Progressive Rock. These re-recorded versions have a more up to date (as of then) 1980s sound than the original recordings, but remain faithful stylistically to the originals. Overall they present a remarkable group of talented and ambitious musicians, who definitely had their original way of doing things. In retrospect all these songs remain as examples of perfectly crafted Rock, which easily withstands a comparison with similar material recorded at the time on the west side of the Iron Curtain. Definitely a part of Polish Rock history and an album still very much worth listening to today.

Side Note: This reissue is part of the "Cult Vinyls" series by Polskie NagraniaFind albums on this label / MuzaFind albums on this label. In 2005 the group released a 20 CDs Box Set with all their albums, but this album was not a part of that reissue and therefore is a most welcome addition to the group´s recorded legacy now available on CD.
Updated: 26/01/2019Posted: CD 1 Digipak Remastered Recommend To A Friend

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