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Recorded: 2013 Released: 2013

This is a debut recording by the Glyk P.I.K TrioFind albums by this artist, a family trio comprising of father vibraphonist / composer / arranger Irek GlykFind albums by this artist and his two children: daughter Kinga GlykFind albums by this artist who plays bass and son Patryk GlykFind albums by this artist who plays drums. Pianist Joachim MencelFind albums by this artist and accordionist Mirek StepienFind albums by this artist guest on selected tracks. The album includes nine tracks, eight of which are original compositions by Irek and one is a standard.

Usually such family affairs are more a social event than a serious music making endeavor, but quite surprisingly this album has some merit. Both the compositions, which are quite solid and although pretty mainstreamish provide an adequate basis for improvisation, and the performances, which are quite professional make this a nice listening experience. Of course the more experienced head of the family carries most of the responsibilities here, but the young generation supports him with obvious talent. Personally Mencel´s contributions are the highlight of this album.

Overall this is a standard mainstream effort with original music, which does not innovate but holds water and has its value as a generation gap bonding element. Considering the fact that the vibraphone and marimba are such neglected instruments, this is an opportunity to hear their beautiful sound. Don´t expect any surprises and take it easy…
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