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MUZA 1452 (Barcode: 5907783424526) ~ POLAND ~ Progressive Rock

Recorded: 1977 Released: 2012

Polish group Dwa Plus JedenFind albums by this artist (a.k.a. 2 Plus 1Find albums by this artist) was one of the most popular Polish Pop groups in the 1970s and 1980s. Formed in 1971 by guitarist / vocalist / composer Janusz KrukFind albums by this artist and his future wife flautist / vocalist Elzbieta DmochFind albums by this artist the basic trio also included initially guitarist Andrzej RybinskiFind albums by this artist, who was later replaced by Andrzej KrzysztofikFind albums by this artist and in 1976 by saxophonist / vocalist Cezary SzlazakFind albums by this artist. This album, recorded in 1977, was created by an expanded ensemble that included in addition to Kruk, Dmoch and Szlazak also bassist Andrzej PawlikFind albums by this artist, drummers Andrzej WojcikFind albums by this artist and Jozef GawrychFind albums by this artist, pianist Janusz KomanFind albums by this artist and keyboardist / violinist Adam PilawaFind albums by this artist. The album, dedicated to the memory of the great Polish actor Zbigniew CybulskiFind albums by this artist, who died tragically at a ridiculously young age in a train accident, is a musical suite comprising of eight tracks. All the music was composed by Kruk and the lyrics are by Marek DutkiewiczFind albums by this artist.

The group (or rather Kruk, who composed their music) recorded this album to prove it is not just a simplistic mindless Pop act and is capable of making "serious" and much more advanced music. The suite is a mixture or Pop, Jazz-Rock and Progressive Rock and includes extended instrumental passages with excellent improvisations, especially by the violinist. In retrospect it is a great pity the group did not continue in that direction.

Although little known to the Prog enthusiasts both in Poland and abroad, this is, in retrospect, a classic Prog concept album, full of good music, great vocal harmonies and excellent instrumental work. Although this album remains as the only Prog album the group recorded, it is still an important piece of Polish Progressive Rock history. The new edition adds one bonus track and excellent remastered sound quality. Definitely worth investigation!
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