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MUZA 1392 (Barcode: 5907783423925) ~ POLAND ~ Pop & Rock

Recorded: 1987 Released: 2012

This is the third album by Polish vocalist / bassist / songwriter Lech JanerkaFind albums by this artist and his second solo outing. Janerka founded the group Klaus MitffochFind albums by this artist in 1979, which recorded just one legendary eponymous album in 1984 that is considered today as one of the best recordings made in Poland in the 1980s. After leaving the group Janerka recorded his first solo album "Historia PodwodnaFind albums with this title" and later on this album, which was his last release before the Polish Socialist regime was toppled. On this album he is accompanied by his wife Bozena JanerkaFind albums by this artist, who plays electronically amplified viola, guitarist Krzysztof PociechaFind albums by this artist and drummer Janusz RoltFind albums by this artist. The album comprises of twelve songs all of which were co-written by Janerka and Pociecha with lyrics by Janerka.

Although the album belongs to the post-Punk / New Wave movement, by the time it was released Janerka already established his very specific language, which was quite different from anything else on the scene. The songs on this album are shorter and more concise, varying stylistically from Punkish roughness to melancholic shyness and even romanticism. Despite some use of electronics, the album is completely devoid of the dreaded cheesy synthesizer sounds, which make most of the 1980s music simply unlistenable. His vocals are much softer and less aggressive than on the early recordings and his music is infinitely more subtle and complex that most simplistic output of that period.

Janerka´s texts remain one of the album´s highlights; less revolutionary and angry than before but more cynical and brilliantly ironic, the lyrics became more personal and emphasized the struggle for survival of an individual human being in an alienated world. His lyrics are often considered as contemporary Polish poetry by many of his followers. Janerka is still active today and continues to record.

In retrospect this is still a great Rock album, perhaps the best Janerka ever recorded. This is definitely a classic album and an important part of the Polish Rock legacy.
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