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OLO 003 ~ POLAND ~ Jazz

Recorded: 2001 Released: 2001

This is the second album by Polish Jazz vocalist Krystyna StankoFind albums by this artist and her debut recording with the group (0-58)Find albums by this artist, which placed her as a co-leader with guitarist / composer Maciej GrzywaczFind albums by this artist and bassist / composer Olgierd WalickiFind albums by this artist. The group also included accordionist Cezary PaciorekFind albums by this artist and alternating drummers Cezary KonradFind albums by this artist and Grzegorz GrzybFind albums by this artist. Saxophonist Adam PieronczykFind albums by this artist guests on two tracks. The album includes nine original compositions, four each by Grzywacz and Walicki and one by Stanko with lyrics all written by Stanko.

Musically the album presents a process of searching after a unique identity, which takes the musicians exploring many different avenues, such as Blues, chanson, alternative Pop and of course Jazz. The songs are very diverse in their tempi, moods and melodic ranges and the album keeps changing quite dramatically between one song and another. Listening to the album is like embarking on a journey with destination unknown. On the whole the approach is acoustic and rather intimate.

The instrumentalists perform splendidly, improvising extensively between the vocal parts. Grzywacz and Walicki both play some outstanding instrumental parts as do the guest soloists. Stanko is theatrical and somewhat reserved, perhaps still not aware or her formidable vocal ability, which will flower on her later recordings.

In retrospect this is a very interesting document of the Polish Jazz scene at the turn of the Millennium. Obviously the young generation of musicians is looking for something different than the mainstream tradition and with Yass paving the way in the previous decade, everything is open and nothing is taboo any more. The album is unfortunately out of print since many years and it took me ages to track a copy down lucky me!
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