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KAMELEON 28 ~ POLAND ~ Classic Rock

Recorded: 1972 - 1974 Released: 2013

This album collects all the material recorded for the Polish Radio by the legendary Polish Rock group NurtFind albums by this artist. Founded in Wroclaw in 1970 by guitarist / vocalist / composer Aleksander MrozekFind albums by this artist, it also included bassist Kazimierz CwynarFind albums by this artist, drummer Ryszard SrokaFind albums by this artist and vocalist Waldemar DomagalaFind albums by this artist. By the end of 1971 Domagala was replaced by Roman RunowiczFind albums by this artist, who was previously a member of the no less legendary group Romuald I RomanFind albums by this artist. The group performed extensively in the early 1970s but managed to record only one eponymous studio album in 1972 for the State owned MuzaFind albums on this label label, which is now available on a companion CD to this release, and two Polish Radio recording sessions: one before the recording of the album (February 1972) and the other over two years later (May 1974), both present herein.

In retrospect it is clear that Nurt were surely one of the top Polish Rock acts in the early 1970, surely as good as NiemenFind albums by this artist, SBBFind albums by this artist and BreakoutFind albums by this artist and in many respects even more adventurous. Their music amalgamated some Blues influences, but basically was all about early Hard Rock, Psychedelia and early Jazz-Rock Fusion. The fact that Polish Jazz legend, trumpeter Tomasz StankoFind albums by this artist, participates on the studio album and other Jazz musicians take part in these sessions speaks for itself. The excellent lyrics by their resident writer Andrzej KuryloFind albums by this artist were another aspect of the group´s high quality output.

The album is full of great instrumental passages by the lead guitar, accompanied by the unique sound of the fuzz bass guitar, which gave the group a sound unlike any of their contemporaries, and superb dynamic drumming. The circumstances surrounding these Radio sessions were much more relaxed than the studio album recording sessions, and therefore the music presented here is much more similar to how the band sounded on stage at the time. The first session includes six tracks, which were later included on the studio album, and one mostly improvised piece that was not included on the album. The second session includes material composed later, after the album was recorded.

Remastered and with informational liner noted based on the memories of the band members, this is a proper tribute to a legend, which should not be forgotten. These memories tell a tale of how this music was created against all odds: censorship, animosity and oppression of the Socialist Regime and its bureaucracy - a miracle by all means. Kudos to the KameleonFind albums on this label label for bringing this music back to circulation.
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