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Recorded: 2012 Released: 2012

This delightful album presents the Polish Traditional Jazz ensemble Dixie Warsaw JazzmenFind albums by this artist, which comprises of musicians who used to play with other Polish Trad ensembles like HagawFind albums by this artist, Vistula River Brass BandFind albums by this artist, Gold WashboardFind albums by this artist and others: trumpeter Stefan WozniakowskiFind albums by this artist, clarinetist and vocalist Andrzej BigolasFind albums by this artist, bass saxophonist Wlodzimierz HalikFind albums by this artist and banjoist and vocalist Zygmunt JagodzinskiFind albums by this artist. They invited the violinist Maciej StrzelczykFind albums by this artist as a special guest and finally added the Fuerte String QuartetFind albums by this artist to play with them, creating a most unusual Trad ensemble with a new approach and rich sound texture.

The music includes seven classic Dixieland compositions mostly dating from the early 20th Century, newly arranged to include the string quartet parts and featuring Polish lyrics on some of them. The overall effect is quite surprising and fresh, which should please many listeners, even those who usually don´t listen to Trad Jazz. It is great to see Trad Jazz still being performed vigorously and with such obvious dedication. Many younger Jazz listeners, who are unaware of the early history of the music, should find this most educational on top of being highly enjoyable.

Strzelczyk plays some wonderful solos here and all the rest of the musicians perform spotlessly and with inspiration. This is a great opportunity to take a peek at the less serious, demanding and often over-intellectual Jazz by visiting the historic sources of the music and simply having fun! Very nice indeed!
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