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PRIVATE EDITION (Barcode: 5096031407135) ~ POLAND ~ Jazz-Rock Fusion

Recorded: 2008 Released: 2008

This is an album by Polish Jazz keyboardist / composer Robert CzechFind albums by this artist and his ensemble Sound SmugglersFind albums by this artist, which includes on this album as core members saxophonist Jacek MielcarekFind albums by this artist, bassist Maciej PaszekFind albums by this artist and drummer Marek SochackiFind albums by this artist. Many additional musicians participate as guest artists on some of the tracks, including Polish Jazz icons such as bassist Krzysztof ScieranskiFind albums by this artist or vibraphonist Bernard MaseliFind albums by this artist. Czech wrote all the ten compositions included here, one of which also features vocals by Karolina GlazerFind albums by this artist.

Stylistically the music is mostly contemporary Fusion, with strong melodic statements and intervals of extended improvisations, all of which are done professionally and spotlessly. Most impressive solos are delivered by guitarist Marek RaduliFind albums by this artist and it´s a pity he is not featured on more tracks. Although there are no innovations or groundbreaking statements here, this is a very well done mainstream Fusion, which should be enjoyed by all Fusion enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

This kind of music often very easily crosses over to clichés and pointless doodling, which fortunately is successfully avoided here. Therefore although on the lighter side of the Jazz spectrum, this is definitely music worthy of being listened to both for its quality and fun value.
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