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SONY BMG 738049 (Barcode: 886973804926) ~ ARGENTINA ~ Blues-Rock

Recorded: 1970 Released: 2008

This is the 1st album by the great Argentinean Blues-Rock trio ManalFind albums by this artist, which consisted of guitarist Claudio GabisFind albums by this artist, bassist / vocalist Alejandro MedinaFind albums by this artist and drummer Javier MartinezFind albums by this artist. The group was one of the founders and pioneers of Argentinean Rock and was often referred to as the "Argentinean CreamFind albums by this artist" due to the stylistic similarity. The music, which was written mostly by Martinez, was performed with passion and a lot of technical skill. The guitar improvisations were quite Jazzy at times and always very imaginative. In retrospect this is a great gem, not only of the Argentinean scene but the entire early South American Rock history. Losing absolutely nothing of its magic and energy over time, this is till a great listen today, worthy of any serious album collection. A must!
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